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Téléchargement :
Le paquet .deb (qui installera le script dans /usr/bin) est ici :
http://mir7.ovh.net/ovh-applications/hubic/hubiC-Linux/ (la bêta 3 date de juin 2015)

wget http://mir7.ovh.net/ovh-applications/hubic/hubiC-Linux/2.1.0/hubiC-Linux-
hubic stop
sudo dpkg -i hubiC-Linux-
hubic login zidjinn@protonmail.com /home/serena/Documents/hubiC
hubic start 

Pour en savoir plus sur votre version d'hubic :

man hubic


      Starts the synchronization process and logs in (if an account has been
      registered). If syncing is already running, it does nothing.
      Kills the synchronization process. Please note that it will be
      restarted automatically as soon as an application calls it.
    login [--exclude=PATH] [--password_path=PATH] [--] email [sync_dir]
      Connects client to an existing account identified by email.
      The password will be requested. You can also provide the
      --password_path with a file containing only the password.
      If you want to enable synchronization, you must provide sync_dir which
      points to the path to synchronize (absolute or relative path). If
      sync_dir is not provided, the application will run in backup-only mode.
      Some folders can be optionally excluded from syncing by selecting
      --exclude options (this can be used multiple times to exclude several
          Once logged, your credentials will be kept in application settings
          so you usually don’t need to log in again. Just use the start
      Disconnects the account that is currently logged in.

- - - - https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/hubic